For the Future
The fifth mission : HOPE-X

  HOPE-X (H-II Orbiting Plane-Experiment) is planned to validate the technologies developed by the previous experiments (OREX, HYFLEX and ALFLEX and the HSFD) over a complete flight from orbit to landing. For the experiment, HOPE-X will be launched by an H-II rocket and is expected to demonstrate de-orbit, lift, transonic flight, and autonomous landing.

  The HOPE-X vehicle is growth potential of carrying a payload of three tons into space. As well as being designed for transportation between the Earth and orbit, the vehicle is designed to be able to carry out experiments and to make observations on orbit.

  Although the HOPE-X flight experiment had been planned for 2004, it was decided to review the R&D scenario of reusable space transportation technologies, and so the implementation of this experiment has been suspended.